About Us

UK Radio Live offers a different approach to the power of Radio. We offer our services to promote you or your business/organsiation.

Whether you be a band, school, major business or charity, the power of internet radio can further just about any project.

We can also offer the use of our streams to allow you the oppurtunity to run your own station - you may be a school, college or business that needs to use radio for a period of time.

Radio is also a great method of communication and motivation - it can be used to bring a community together on the run up to a large event, or for a business to motivate their staff in a new way of morning briefings.

Anyone can also have the oppurtunity to run their own radio station - we supply equipment, basic training and the audio stream, you just provide the presenters.

As well as this we also present our own shows - these include Cultural,' live music, events, comedy and theatre, party, dance, disco and mainstream music. These shows are broadcast at times to suit you. Watch out on the website and facebook for more information.



If you have any further questions, please feel free to send them to our Contact Page.